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Walmer House

Walmer House, Lowestoft seen from the lawn with the greenhouse at the far end the full width of the lawn along the Acton Road boundary, the coachhouse and stables partly visible beyond the main house

Walmer House

which has a lean-to conservatory and is overlooking the lawn, the photographer having London Road South behind him. The majority of the garden, the orchards, chicken runs, vegetable garden and tennis court are all out of shot to the left of the photographer.

The ground floor rooms facing the lawn are, from the right, the breakfast room, the drawing room and behind the conservatory the kitchen. On the far side of the house also on the ground floor from the kitchen are the scullery/pantry, the blue room (formal dining) and access to the cellar is from under the stairs leading to the first floor.

At first floor were five bedrooms and a bathroom and A. J.'s bedroom is the one with the sliding sash open for the top third. Walmer House was A. J. Turners home throughout the period of his account in the letters.

Walmer House location

This plan from the 1904 OS series gives an idea of the position of the house within the grounds, bounded on two sides by Acton Road and London Road South (marked Tramway). The photographer was standing about under the .477 on the plan. The total plot area consisting of the areas marked 145, 146 and 147 and part of 143 (originally the whole but by WW2 part had been sold to the Garrood family). The Carlton public house on the corner of London Road South with All Saints Road, opposite unnamed Avenue, has not yet been built in 1904 but had been by WW2.


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