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Glossary of people

The Turner Families:

Alfred John Turner (AJT), the writer of the letters, aged 72 in 1940

Elizabeth M. Turner (AJT's wife aka Lily or Mother, neé Spatchet), married at St. Margaret's Church, Lowestoft on 13th January 1892.


their son:

John Pater Turner (JPT), AJT's son, aged 48 in 1940

Hilda Beatrice Turner (neé Downing) (aka Scylla), JPT's wife


their children:

John Keith Turner (Keith), aged 19 in 1940 (killed in action January 1945)

Mary Dilys Margaret Turner (called Mary in text by AJT, Dilys by rest of family and mother by me), aged 18 in 1940

Alfred Michael Turner (Michael), aged 14 in 1940



Adams, Mark
    AJT's full time gardener who lived in Pakefield Street and was a special constable during WW2

Boughton, Jack and Kitty
    Longstanding friends of AJT and EMT. Jack Boughton was a photographer, Kitty Boughton and Mollie Pounder were sisters.

Breese, Miss A. 
    A family friend and frequent visitor who lived at 479 London Road South, quite close to Kirkley Park Road, so she may have been known through church (St. Peter's). From the account of her activities it seems she was probably involved with one of the Rest Centres.

Eade, Mrs
     Daily help for Mrs. A. J. Turner, lived in Pakefield Street

Gearing, Harold
    Believed to be the son of William J. Gearing.

Gearing, William J.
    Business colleague of AJT, who had a fish sales business operating from 21 and 22, Trawl Market. He lived at Ellerslie, 37 Beccles Road, believed directly opposite the footpath through Crisp's land over the railway line to Crisp's Creek where in peactime AJT kept his sailing cruiser 'Hiawatha'.

Pounder, Benjamin and Mollie
    Longstanding friends of AJT and EMT. Benjamin Pounder was the manager of the Midland Bank, Mollie Pounder and Kitty Bougton were sisters.

Rix, George and Annie
    George Rix was AJT's brother-in-law and Annie was George's sister. George Rix was a plumber by trade and had been married AJT's sister Margaret Winifred ('Sissie', neé Turner), who had died before WW2 in April 1939. After her death George's sister Annie moved in to house-keep for him and they lived at 44 Windsor Road.

Wharton, Frederick 
   Frederick Wharton was a butcher with premises at the corner of Carlton Road with Richmond Road. Apart from being a customer, AJT used to keep three pigs at the bottom of Walmer House's garden which Fred Wharton would undertake to slaughter and joint for him.



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